Founded by Johnny Shabandar and Wesam Isho in 1997. Distinct repertoire combining rhythmical styling and sounds of the Caribbean and Mediterranean nations. Bandoleros has a distinctive international flair and charisma. Released CD’s: Habibi in 2000, Bandolero 2002, Maximo 2004, A Part of Us 2006, Compas de Fuego 2008. Guaranteed good time! (Fox News in the Morning) Chicago’s most eclectic band (ABC 7’s Janet Davies), Chicago’s premiere televised magazine show. Coveted Award of Honor for Contribution to World Beat Music at the 2003 Chicago Music Awards. Johnny Shabandar (lead vocalist, guitarist, songwriter); Wesam Isho (lead vocalist, songwriter, percussionist), Ashur Isho (lead guitarist, songwriter, background vocalist), Mauro Frosio (Keyboards). To see a video from their 2008 New Year's Eve performance in Chicago, as covered by Chicago's ABC 7, go to and click on the HD video. Chicago’s Hottest Multicultural Music Makers Return from World Tour to Open their Own West Loop Restaurant-Lounge (Chicago, IL) March, 2009 - What do you do when you’re Chicago’s most renowned Middle Eastern, Spanish flamenco and Latin rhythm band, and you want the best Saturday night venue for your music? If you’re Bandoleros, the Chicago-based musical band known around the world for its intoxicating blend of multicultural rhythms, you open your own restaurant-lounge. Bandoleros announces that the band will be the new owners of Pasha in Chicago’s West Loop...

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