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Bandulu Dub is a project who was born in Vila de Prado, Portuguese Minho, in 2004. Influenced by Jamaican music from 60 and 70’s, these two characters take ahead their project trough production, editing, mixing and masterizing voices and instrumentals. Knowing each other since little boys and being neighbours, they both were in other projects: one as a lead singer and lyricist and the other as a bass and guitar player. After experiences in Punk/Rock bands which didn’t fulfill their expectactions and dreams, they decided to get together and invest in what truly warmed their soul: Dub. They made the first collaboration with a musician from Virgin Islands and from there they took the path of the World. Always withous instruments, withous rehearsal place and dividing tasks: where does the production and edition, other is responsible for mixing and masterizing. They had participations from many countries (Jamaica, Virgin islands, Brasil, French Guyana, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Italy, USA, Canada, France, Cyprus and Portugal) and they plan to raise this number to pass the message we are all one and that we are united by two major elements: Nature and Love. The main goal of this collective is, therefore, to unite talents spread across the planet , opening doors to globality of expression trough sound and image. In all the visual art present Bandulu had the help and precious work of Sr Calavera, from Monterrey, México and Laura Rewind from Mexico city. After going this way...

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