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There are two bands called Bang! Bang!: 1) A well known hardcore band similar to The Bronx from Detroit, Michigan. Formed in 2004, are now on an indefinite hiatus after playing their 'last' show in September 2005, though have played numerous 'reunion' shows around Detroit since. And for all their brutal, uninhibited rage there is an undeniable sense of intelligence and craft to the music. These are musicians who have studied songs, genres, subtleties and have made the choice to push them all over the edge. But beneath the violence of the delivery the band manages to hit on that indefinable sweet spot that brings the best of pop songs to life; the same thing that made the Replacements and the Clash great; a thing that triggers some part of the brain and makes it immediately memorable and reactive. -- S. Hoen Most bands just sound like they're going through the motions when placed next to Bang Bang, who sound like they're going to leap out of the grooves of this single and trash your house. -- Daniel / The members of Bang Bang have a boy-eyed innocence and this inalienable enthusiasm to entertain; they have big, often droll ideas wrapped in short scorching blasts, and play them as if they just made up the whole punk rock DIY thing last week. They are beguilingly sincere, if not downright elated to be playing at all. -- Brian Smith / Metro Times ---------------------------------------- 2) Fusing an inverted post-punk,...

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