Bang Bang Band Girl

Bang Bang Bang Girl saw the light of day in 2011 in the faraway deserted lands of the Southern Hemisphere. Coming from the harbor of Valparaiso, Chile, Sheri Corleone first undertook a lonely journey as a one lady band. Searching for a memory, an emotion, a symptom of the past, Sheri Corleone doesn’t overshadow, however, more contemporary demons that keep on stimulating and enriching her creativity. A lover of Rock’n’Roll in its truest and rawest essence, she endlessly fuels her primitive roots and influences by digging destructured gems from the No Wave and Noise genre. More, an obvious romance for the fifties and the spaghetti western imagery, an ongoing pattern, nourishes the esthetics of Bang Bang Bang Girl. The meeting of the talented Mexican designer Victor Hugo Izquierdo (Mexico DF) allowed to materialize Sheri Corleone original idea for BBBG image. The fist demo, Lies, was recorded in extreme Lo Fi, with a vintage Japanese Teysco guitar and a custom made kick. With this recording, Sheri Corleone participated to the first Old School Monoband compilation in South America, released with other fellow bands on ScrapMetalDealer Records (Argentina). The lonely days of Sheri Corleone were reaching an end as fate made her cross the mysterious and winding path of Johnny Cake (John Wayne Supermarket, ex Indian Ghost, Prehistoric Pop...). That encounter, colored with a strong connection of ideas and similar passion for Smith & Wesson guns and Fuzz guitars gave birth to a sonic...

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