In 2008, Bangarang began to release they're first ever full length album, Puzzlebits for Personal Assembly*. Ambitious but not pretentious, the band decided to release the album online, over time via their website, completely free of charge. Not only that, but joining the band are a host of music-playing friends - strings, horns, choir members, beat junkies and theremin players - allowing the music to be taken far beyond the realm of standard power-pop. Bangarang's songs are a shifting, changing diorama of sound worlds seeming just on the cusp of falling apart, but always managing to be gracefully held together. Kinda like life, right? In addition to pushing their own musical boundaries, Bangarang has sought out and teamed up with their favorite visual artists to bring you unique and beautiful images for each of the album's songs. Wanting to help get the word out about their talented friends, the group moved to promote the artists the only way they knew how, by sticking their work to their tunes - thus the Puzzlebits gallery was born. Currently, the gallery features work by Idil Erdogdu, Savannah Karr, and Kris Mukai. After a short hiatus, new tracks are slated to be released once again, and will be featured on here - as well as Myspace, Facebook, Amie Street, Popcuts, PureVolume, and the band's official website. You can download them for free or choose to pay the band a few bucks - but they probably won't keep it, they'll donate it. As of 2009, all profit made via Bangaran...

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