Bangkutaman is widely known as a psychedelic folk-rock with the madchester aura band. Bangkutaman, which taken from Bahasa Indonesia with the meaning “park bench,” was originally formed by J. Irwin and previous bass player of bangkutaman, Bayu Prabowo, in 1999, Yogyakarta. The band members are J. Irwin (lead guitar & backing vocal), Wahyu “Acum” Nugroho (lead vocal & bass guitar), and Dedyk Erianto (drums). Until this very day, the band has been juggling for 10 years as indie band, and has encountered few transformations in its musical influences and members. The early presence of bangkutaman in Yogyakarta was neither in the era of indie pop nor Brit pop. In fact, bangkutaman was born in the era of metal and punk. The era which was always represent the existence of Yogyakarta as a city of culture. The band struggled to make a scene as a minority. However, bangkutaman introduced Yogyakarta to a new level of music. Since the band used to covering songs by The Smiths or The Stone Roses, the local punk scenes began to comprehend the core of existence of bangkutaman. It was an advantage to say that the local punk and metal scenes in Yogyakarta were also fans of The Smiths and The Stone Roses. From that moment, bangkutaman was highly respected by the punk and metal scenes. The band even surrounded by important people from the scenes; the manager, the stage operator, and the band crew. They were all punks and metals. Bangkutaman was also the first indie pop band in Indonesia...

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