bangsat started in 2000 by Agus and Dolly (Unsilent) in Jakarta. This is our recography : Full Length : Less Talk More Noise (DIY), No For This Insane Destroyed Umbrella records (USA), Nevermind The Asusila Records (Format kaset) Yap T Hien records (INA). Compilations : DU media Destroyed Umbrella records (USA) volume one and two, No One Can Stop Us This Time Time Up records (INA) Grind Terror Compilation Kolektiv Records (INA) IGWC International DIY Compilation IGWC Records (Europe) Split Project : Mutual Aid (Belgia) / bangsat CDR. Self made Belgian released 2004. Akurakus (Malaysia) / bangsat Cassette. Sena Productions Malaysia 2005. D Compose / E.T.T.S. / bangsat CD. Privileged To Fail Records ( UK ) 2006. Archagathus / bangsat 7 Vinyl. Bullshit Propaganda Records ( USA ) 2008. For next projects will be added soon,feel free to contact us if any of you interest to share some works with us. Coming Soon: Our Music, Our Lives,So Fuck Off CD.Compilation CD. Will be released from Jerk Off records(USA) Cause Of Divorce / bangsat split LP ( Campaign For Musical Destruction Recs, Truemmer Pogo Recs, Dommed to Extinction Recs and Boelzcore Music ) Coming soon in the middle of 2009 Violent Gorge / bangsat split vinyl ( Zombie Fetus / Strain Eyes Recs ) 2009 Dehumanized Earth / bangsat split vinyl ( Rotten To The Core Recs ) 2009 in the works bangsat : mini album ( Sunblast Recs ) middle / late 2009 Distrofia / bangsat split tape ( Looking labels ) 2009 Foul Stench /...

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