Listen to whole Scarcity album here: Buy new album and other band stuff here: Banisher, a technical and experimental metal band, has been founded in 2005, in Rzeszów, Poland. After their first demo entitled “Sorrow of Death” (2005), EP “Human Sacrifice” (2006), several gigs & festival appearances they released their debut album, “Slaughterhouse” (self-released, by the end of 2010). The band then relocated to Cracow. However, the true shape of the band emerged in 2013, with the new line-up and new album “Scarcity” (2013, Unquiet Records/Defense Records). The music on “Scarcity” is a slight change of pace compared to what they’ve done before. The tracks are faster, simpler and more intense, which makes the album an extreme and relentless 30 minutes of death metal maintaining their own personality and originality through groovy rock’n’roll riffing. The drums warrant particular attention, as they were recorded by Łukasz “Lucass” Krzesiewicz (Gnida, Sammath Naur, and several other bands in which he was a session drummer). Lyrical themes include several topics: the criticism of contemporary society, its values, the fragility of human mind, various conspiracy theories and unsolved criminal mysteries. Having shared the stage with the likes of Vader, Hate, Mgła, Sceptic, Hatebreed, Moonspell, Samael, Gorgoroth, Dimmu Borgi...

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