He goes by the name “Problem Child”, and more recently “Bankroft” his middle name. He was born and also grew up in Central Village, St. Catherine. Damion Bancroft Hill has a musical background, as his father was the owner of a band and had lots of instrument, he also gave him a microphone and a guitar. But his real interest in music began at the age of 11, at this time he would perform Papa San songs. As a student at the Waterford High School, he would practice his lyrics before his peers while beating the desk. He also performed at local events in his community. He then moved from Central Village to Red Hills Road, where he was introduced to the Main Street Studio where he met General Degree, who gave him musical advice. “ Him say mi do too much gun tunes and encourage mi fi do some girls tune”. Damion Bancroft Hill is a talented DJ, who plans to place his career at the highest peak in the entertainment business. Cool, quiet and easy going are just some of the words to describe this talented young man. In 1998 he did a song called “playa”, which was produced by ‘Chesta’ from the Mixing Lab studio. This song was his first radio play. Since then he has worked on quite a few labels, to name a few; ‘Natural Bridge’ on the ‘Rice and Peas’ rhythm and ‘Kings of Kings’ on the ‘Latino’ fungus' and ‘Dancehall Rock’ rhythms.He was in the group Gang Bang with Aidonia, Einstein, Hollow Point, and Platinum Kid, managed by skatta. His first video, wh...

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