THERE ARE TWO ARTISTS WITH THIS NAME. 1. Bankshot was a skatepunk band from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. Bankshot came onto the Sault Ste Marie music scene in 1998 out of the ashes of the former bands of founding members Christian Pasiak & Ron Pelletier (Ten Brick Limit), and Neil Vallee & Clint Wilson. The band was rounded out and completed with the addition of Luc Schmeidendorf (Morningwood) later that year on guitar. In the short time that Bankshot was together, they pushed the boundaries of the scene with their relentless riffs, lightning speed, and energetic live performances, sharing the stage with such bands as Strung Out, Good Riddance, the Mad Caddies, Choke, Guy Smiley, Ensign, Setback, Freestyle, Treble Charger, and Our Lady Peace (... first show). Bankshot released their first and only album 'Angst for the Memories' in 1999, later performing the song 'Planet Payback' on CBC's afternoon TV show Jonovision (with Jonathan Torrens a.k.a. J-Roc of Trailer Park Boys) and were nominated for a YTV Achievement Award, reaching the semi-finals. The band dissolved in Fall 2000 due to conflicting out-of-town member obligations, but not before generating profit from album sales, having numerous mis-adventures (missing bass players, inebriated performances, shattered guitar-player knees, drummer with broken collarbones, and out-of-town roadtrip hospitality), and leaving the torch burning brightly for the next wave of local musicians. A (10-year?) reunion has yet to be an...

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