Banned from Utopia

BANNED FROM UTOPIA was formed in the summer of 1994 to perform at the Stuttgart Jazz Festival as a tribute to Frank Zappa. Most of the members have both played live and recorded with their mentor and friend, Frank Zappa, in his various band incarnations. BFU is not merely a tribute band, being just content trying to mimic the master. Rather the values and influences instilled by the years of playing with Frank are the biggest parts of BFU's focus. The tunes Frank wrote are a part of each member's body and soul, put there by years of rehearsal, recording, and concert appearances. BFU prides itself on keeping the Zappa tradition alive with a blend of spontaneity, virtuosity, and by blazing the studio with satirical music. Elements of hard rock, jazz, funk, modern classical, country, and even rap/hip-hop are a part of BFU's musical language. So Yuh Don't Like Modern Art is their debut CD release from Favored Nations. 

So Yuh Don't Like Modern Art features six of Frank Zappa's instrumental songs, each given a fresh treatment. Tink Walks Amok/Thirteen is a combination of two songs and is done in much the way Frank intended. It was never performed live, because of band personnel changes. The great Sinister Footwear is revamped along the original 1988 version, but with the horn parts now perfected. Filthy Habits features a powerful duet between guitarist Mike Miller and keyboardist Tommy Mars. Twenty Small Cigars is a beautiful jazz ballad, and Dupree's Paradise is arranged as...

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