More than music, Bantunani is primarily an adventure, the will of a person to continually unite around her musicians from all walks of life to draw a sound, thought, and a groove nomadic that caresses the ages languages and styles. It rubs happy soul, funk, R & B and Afrobeat in a world where the guitars are expressed between joy and arrogance behind hushed vocals. Every second, rumba home can break. Listen Bantunani implies a freedom, a total lack of boundaries and a love of music colorful human humanist message. Behind the pen vindictive, melancholy, hides the eyes of Michel Nzau, instigator of the afrogroove, it is the project multiethnic whose essence remains except the sound live. There are few artists whose music, indefinable and sensuously African, invites you to dance, and reflection at the meeting. His productions are full of mixtures and express the inheritance of a music lover looking for innovative groove. Far from the shackles, sweat daring. Designed in 2006 as a creative platform around the guitars, musicians and multimedia artists and other engineers of sound, Bantunani is one of those constellations which revolve wills in the service of creative art that the structure is seen to change with each project .. Each new album evokes a new life with new faces of musicians who come together when the hard core push the boundaries of the so-called afrogroove. As a long journey, Michel has created around a core group of quality musicians, both guarantors of writing a...

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