There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Baphomet was a Death Metal band from the US (Buffalo, New York) founded in 1987. The band changed their name to Banished because of the German Baphomet. Released six demos - Rigor Mortis in 1988, The Battle With Death and Morbid Realities in 1989, a s/t and a promo in 1990 and Boiled in Blood in 1991. And a full length The Dead Shall Inherit in 1992 with Peaceville records, a test-pressing of which was also released in 1991 with Mayking, Deaf and Peaceville records. The full length was re-mastered and re-issued in 2006 as well. 2) Baphomet is a Japanese session band consisting of ryo (ex- GULLET , Galruda , D'elsquel) - vocals, utA - guitar and hati - bass, who all are members of the famous 9GOATS BLACK OUT. The session was active while 9GOATS BLACK OUT was officially on hiatus and had a couple of secret lives. 3) baphomet is an Alternative Rock/Post-Hardcore band from Saratoga Springs, NY. Formed by Ezra Brennan (Vocals/Guitars/Programming/Lyricist), and long time friend, Matthew Roerig (Coaching/Guitars/Drums/Lyricist), activities started when from N.T.T. FUCKS and may+day went on hiatus. Their 1st EP, organism will come out on December 15th, 2010. 4) Baphomet was a German Death/Thrash Metal band founded in 1986. 5) Baphomet was a Brazilian Black Metal band founded in 1990. 6) Baphomet was the former name of a Brazilian Dark Psychedelic Trance band founded in 2003. They changed their name to Baphomet Engine due to the p...

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