Baphomet's Throne

There are two band with this name: 1. Year 1992 Frosty winter the revelation of blasphemy began. Crew of condemned horde called “OPPRESSOR” is brought to life by Von Bojba guit/voc Pitbull /Drums/ and Nosferatu /Bass/ join him. The first hellish outburst from abyss is Demo (1992) “Time Of Agony” presented play on concerts on the underground scene. In year 1993 there are some changes in the crew Samchiel /Bass/ ex Nuctumerun and Tom Barlog /drums/ from Infernum join in. After sometime the second guitarist Martin joins in. May 1994 undergound of improvised studio, which is saturated with darkness and full of evil, releases next unholy child ''Blasphemous Thougts''. The evil fury emanates from artism of this music, crushes the carcass of Jew-Christians and the posers. There appear any keyboard parties in the tuneby the idea and arrangement of Von Bojba. In sessions, Rob Darken /Graveland/ helps on keyboard; the guy in well-known on the Black Metal scene. In May 1995, Baron Records oficially publishes this venom with two new pieces. This time “Blaspnemus Thougts”is recorded in professional studio; 45 minutes of blasphemy. In 1996, Left Hand /Key/, responsible fro keyboard, joins the horde; he’s well-known from the horde of Arkona. In 1998 a decision to change the name of the band is taken due to the fact that in the USA there is already a band called like that. The new name, “Baphomets Throne” is fully adequate for the music played by the band. It reflects th...

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