Bapi Das Baul

Bapi Das Baul is presenting the eighth generation of the most talented and famous Baul family from India. Already in his early childhood, he was taught to sing, to dance and to play several instruments. In other words Bapi Das Baul was born and raised in music. At a very young age, he started singing with his father and one of his brothers in the formation “Baul Bishwa” which means «the world of Bauls». Their concerts were invitations to discover their world, the world of ancient wandering minstrels from Bengal (India) who believe in simplicity in life and love. This philosophy is strongly reflected in their songs, that are all about love and joy. These cultural roots have always been and always will be very important to him. He’s in other words very faithful to his traditions and roots which are also still nowadays very present in his music. He also keeps using traditional instruments on stage. On the other hand however, he is also always seeking for new things and improvement. He started for instance working mainly on the rhythm and a new way of singing which created a real evolution. His music brought him everywhere around the world, in Europe in America, etc. As he’s also been staying a long time in Europe already, he’s been working with many great artists like Asian Dub Foundation, Transglobal Underground, Fun-Da-Mental, Natacha Atlas, Zap Mama amongst many others. Even Madonna was intrigued by his talent and invited him in 2001 to record something tog...

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