Bappa Mazumder

Bappa mazumder is a king of melody. Shubhashish Mazumder Bappa (Bengali: ??????? ??????? ??????; born 5 February 1974) mostly known as Bappa Mazumder is an eminent singer from Bangladesh, lyricist and Music Composer. Bappa is famous for his Bengali romantic compositions. With his band, Dalchhut, Bappa and his team have successfully won the hearts of millions of music lovers in home and abroad. He is a son of a music couple, the classical maestro Ustad Barin Mazumder and Ila Mazumder. Not only has he composed for himself and his band, he has also composed more than a thousand musical numbers (and counting!) for other musicians, both established and upcoming. In recent times, Bappa has recorded and performed with Fahmida Nabi, (Ek Muthho Gaan) yet another prominent name in the Bangladeshi music industry; the compositions hitting charts all over. Along with singing, writing and composing, Bappa also has worked as an anchor, namely on The One, a musical talk show on Channel One, a channel that came to a close in the year 2010. His latest album is in the making and those who have had the privilege of catching his tunes in the studio, swear that his next album will definitely be different yet a memorable project. Yet another solo album, Surjo Snane Chol, released in 2008 was also a big hit. His seventh solo album, Din Bari Jaay, was released in February 2005. Ek Mutho Gan 2, was released in February 2010. He also works with a number of contemporary artists, namely Fuad, Arnob, Mi...

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