Barış Manço

Barış Manço (also spelt Baris Mancho or Baris Manco in some European album releases) (1943 -1999) was a Turkish singer, composer, and television producer. Manço was born on 2nd January 1943 in Istanbul. His mother, Rikkat Uyanık, had been a famous singer in the early 1940s. His older brother, who was born during World War II, was named Savaş (war in Turkish) while he was named Barış (peace in Turkish) by his parents to celebrate the end of the war. While at secondary school at the Galatasaray Lisesi (and later at Şişli Terakki High School) he formed his first band, Kafadarlar (The Buddies), all students of a nearby highschool. Asaf Savaş Akat, who became a famous economist, played saxophone, and guitarist Ender Enön made his own guitar because it was difficult to find a real one on the market at that time. In 1962 and 1963, with his next band, Harmoniler (The Harmonies), he recorded cover versions of some popular American twist songs and rearrangements of Turkish folk songs in rock-and-roll form, marking the beginning of the Anatolian rock movement, a synthesis of Turkish folk music and rock. In this period, his key visual and musical influence was Elvis Presley. After leaving school in 1963 he won a scholarship to the Belgian Royal Academy, and went to Belgium to study graphics and art. He toured with his band Les Mistigris (not related to Mistigris) in Germany, Belgium, France, and Turkey until 1967, when he was in a serious car accident, after which he start...

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