Bar De Aux

There was no intelligent, people-friendly and ambitious electronic scene in our city, until we came... - that's the prologue for the story of Bar de Aux - the band, whose music is usually described as electro new wave, glam electro or electroclash... Former musical journalist Mike Spaski and the scientist Jean-Jacques Fagult met each other in summer 2006. Sharing common interest in electronic music, mostly electroclash, synth-pop and new wave, they decided to start a musical project of their own. We want to show the nightlife and entertainment the way it is, no masks, no hypocrisy towards the people who attend our concerts - explains lead vocalist Mike Spaski. We're making music, that's filled with emotions, sex, drugs, people's relations and, of course, addiction to glamourous lifestyle... Shocking and provocative performances of two young men, tainted by the dancefloors, leave nobody apathetic towards their music. They're hedonistic, sibarityc and narcissistic. And that explains their attitude to the music culture they create by themselves... Right now Bar de Aux is recording it's first EP in the studios of their homecity Kalinigrad. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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