With the release of Marmite, Barabajagal's music stepped forward with an impressively unpredictable and bold agenda. It is lo-fi but imaginative, original and laced with good humour throughout. It may not be everyones favourite spread, but it thrives off that. The album has a light hearted air of good humour coupled with deep lyrical content. Meet at the club outside the door/ Grind until your arse is raw / And then we sing the songs we know / The words are just our little show between us. Although most of the recording for Marmite was done in England, it was released in New Zealand and held #1 spot on the Dunedin bandcamp tag for roughly 5 months. Following Marmite, Barabajagal released their 2nd album 'An Effusive Allusion' which featured a more polished production quality, improved songwriting and better performances song for song. However, the album loses conceptual themes and sways present in Marmite. A 3rd album 'Bah-Rabba-Jaggle' was released in November 2014, with a strong core of songs, slowly departing from more overt psychedelic and experimental styles in favour of a consistent fuzz sound. This also is the last album to feature Fraser Thompson producing. In late November 2015 'Still Desperate' was released, Barabajagals 4th album. With David Cooper once again producing, the album maintains a strong sonic theme of laboured mellowness where the experimental mania of Marmite is replaced in favour of a consistent low lying level of unusualness, with bold choice...

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