My brother and I wanted to form a punk band since 1993. In school we met three other guys who wanted to play in a band as well, but they did not prefer punk music. Anyway, together we formed Barackca. But after two years, our two guitar players decided to leave the band, because they didn't like our thinking. For them, our lyrics were way too political. That was the reason why my brother started to learn playing the guitar and he became our guitar player. In 1996, our bass guitarist had to quit, because he concentrated on studying and didn't have enough time for Barackca. So Andrew joined us. He made his debut with Barackca on our third birthday party and is playin with us until today. We wanted to release our albums on our own, because at that time in Hungary the record labels released PUNK, METAL, ALTEROCK and NAZI stuff together. We kept some of our money and went to a studio and a TAPE factory. It was very cool to do those things with the members of the band and without any influence of the money&brain-eaters. From 1993 to 2001 we played a lot, but didn't leave HUNGARY. In 2000 my brother and I founded our own record label: NEMART records. The next year was the first year we played abroad, but only near the borders like former Yugoslavia, for example. Later, we participated in a Hungarian festival. That time, a member of the German band LAK asked us to play in Germany. We considered that, but since we didn't know anyone there, we couldn't say for sure. These guys th...

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