Founded in the winter of 1990, Barathrum is one of the most legendary and one of the first Finnish Black Metal bands, along with Beherit and Impaled Nazarene. Originally from Kuopio, Finland, Demonos Sova (the founder) moved to Helsinki after the release of the album Legions of Perkele. After releasing demos, Barathrum signed a contract with Nazgul's Eyrie Productions, a small German label, with whom they released 3 albums. Although those records had poor sound production, they were more than enough to establish Barathrum as one of the most important bands of the European underground scene, for their satanic look and for their music. They are an original black metal act, notable because of their two bassists (a standard 4-string as well as a 6-string), and for the massive influence of classic heavy metal/rock on their sound. After releasing Anno Aspera in 2003, Barathrum has started playing gigs again and may be releasing a DVD soon. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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