Barb Wire Dolls

Barb Wire Dolls is a Los Angeles, CA, USA, punk band, founded 2010 in Crete, Greece. I like the comfort in knowing that women are the only future in rock 'n' roll. - Kurt Cobain Barb Wire Dolls are the most vital band in popular music today, representing all that is relevant and furious about modern punk rock. Hailing from an artist commune on the island of Crete, the band left crisis-ridden Greece in 2010, relocating to Los Angeles, California, at the invite of legendary KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer. Upon their arrival in the United States, Barb Wire Dolls immediately sold out the legendary Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, before going on to melt ears & hearts on 700 stages across 22 countries. The cultural and musical immediacy of this band is not to be missed, boasting a live show that is second to none. Fronted by a whip-smart vocal and fashion icon named Isis Queen, Barb Wire Dolls intelligently weave multiple sub-genres of punk, rock, and even reggae, producing a sound that is truly unique, towering above today's culture of imitation and over-saturation. The group's crushing musicianship radiates a fresh confidence and danger, blasted forth by former pro surfer & skateboarder Pyn Doll on guitar, Krash Doll on drums, and JJ on bass. The Washington Times glowingly stated, “If you were bummed that you missed out on the Sex Pistols and Black Flag because you were only one, or not even born yet, here’s your chance to catch one of the best bands playing that style today. From th...

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