Barbara Buchholz

Barbara Buchholz studied music at the University of Bielefeld. In the 80s, she toured as bass player with the women’s orchestra Reichlich Weiblich. Later, the recipient of numerous music awards played and sang with projects crossing the boundaries of art, music, poetry, dance; recorded for the WDR; followed an invitation of the Goethe Institute to teach in Tansania. As a composer and performer, Barbara Buchholz has worked for a wide range of theatres; as artistic director she conceived and produced Tap It Deep – a unique blend of midified tap dance and new jazz – as well as Human Interactivity – a collaboration with the Russian computer painter Olga Kumeger, among others. Barbara Buchholz’ current musical endeavours focus on the Thereminvox, an instrument played without touch, as well as the MIDI Theremin, an innovation commissioned by the artist herself: using a combination of MIDI signals and a sampler, the MIDI Theremin lets her trigger loops and samples by hand gestures in the air. Multiple invitations by the Russian Office of Cultural Affairs plus a number of stipends have allowed Barbara Buchholz to deepen her studies of these antenna instruments at the Theremincenter in Moscow. As master student of Lydia Kavina, a descendent of Theremin’s originator Lev Thermen, she picks up the once interrupted tradition of this instrument and finds new ways and applications in the vicinity of New Music. In the age of digital media, Barbara Buchholz’ ...

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