Barbara Moore

There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Barbara Moore (born 7 March 1932 in Bradford, UK) is a British composer, arranger and jazz performer for film, television and commercials. Her father was the gifted jazzman Arthur Birkby and her godfather was Joe Loss, big band leader. After a classical education at St Paul’s School for Girls she became a member of The Ladybirds , the best vocal group in the 1960s and regulars on Top of The Pops. Every Wednesday, Barbara and the group would have backed for all the top pop stars of the day including Sandi Shaw and Jimi Hendrix. Indeed Barbara was on stage in Vienna with Sandi the night Britain won the Eurovision Song Contest with Puppet on a String. Barbara had the opportunity to arrange for orchestras and her most well known piece is the re-make of Alan Freeman’s Pick of the Pops Theme. Terry Wogan’s first BBC Theme Tune was commissioned in 1971 and after that Barbara was highly in demand. She is one of the first women composers to break into the very male-dominated world of the music industry. Barbara went on to form her own vocal group, The Barbara Moore Singers and they made many recordings for films including Modesty Blaise and Bedazzled. Barbara famously sings her characterful wordless vocal solo on The Saint theme tune. Her voice can be heard across the classic Birds and Brass albums and rarities such as her d?but for CBS, A Little Moore Barbara with her own trio. Another big break for Barbara Moore was writing library m...

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