Barbara Morgenstern

After a long period of playing in bands, singing in an acapella-band and having bad experiences with major-label-deals Barbara Morgenstern started to concentrate on her own songs. An old friend (Joe Tabu) started to organize concerts in his living room (in 1996) to create a more concentrated and intimate atmosphere during the performance, keep the focus on the music and to have the possibility to perform without being well known or having much publicity. As a member of the so-called Wohnzimmer-Szene (livingroom scene) Morgenstern did her first record Enter the Partyzone - a cassette with 6 trash keyboard songs on it. After that things developed slowly but constantly. She did a tour with all the bands who got known by their concerts in the living room and “that was the point when we realized that the whole thing was over cause although playing in clubs was not the main idea, we wanted to play and reach people.” Barbara Morgenstern did a second album in 1997 - Plastikreport -on a small german Label called Klub der guten Hoffnung a label based on the idea of networking, selling the records at concerts and supporting each other (e.g. organizing concerts for labelmates). Parallel to this Gudrun Gut founded her label Monika Enterprise a small independent label. She released the first Wohnzimmer Compilation and a lot of the bands of the Wohnzimmer Szene (Quarks, Contriva, Komeit). Barbara released her first full-length album in 1998 on Monika Enterprise - Gudrun Gut had discov...

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