Barbara Morgenstern & Robert Lippok

Barbara Morgenstern & Robert Lippok is a collaboration between the artists Barbara Morgenstern and Robert Lippok Robert Lippok is part of the pioneering electronic band To Rococo Rot. Barbara Morgenstern (born March 19, 1971, in Hagen, Germany) is an electronic music artist. Morgenstern describes herself as self-taught. Having undertaken piano lessons as a child and jazz lessons at the school of music in Hagen, in addition to having played in a band, she decided on a career in music in 1991 after completing her schooling at the Ernst Meister Gymnasium in Hagen-Haspe. From 1992 until 1994 Barbara Morgenstern lived in Hamburg, working on her own music as well as singing in an a cappella group. She took part in a six-week popular music course at the Hamburg Hochschule. In 1994 she moved to Berlin, where she initially played keyboards in a band, and from 1996 onward she concentrated on her own music. In early 1997 Morgenstern released the cassette Enter The Party through Hausfrau Im Schacht, a mail order label set up by former bandmate Florian Dietz (a.k.a. Jo Tabu). Later that same year she released the EP Plastikreport, which she produced in tandem with Michael Mühlhaus, later to join Blumfeld. In the winter of 1998, she toured Germany with backing from Christian Obermaier and the aforementioned Mühlhaus on bass guitar, and in September of that year, she toured Germany, Austria and Switzerland with other Berlin-based musicians including Quarks, Jo Tabu and Fuschimuschi. The ...

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