There are more than one band with this name: 1. Hungarian ethno-rock band: It was a new years eve party back in 1986 when Herpai and Jorgosz met. They had a blast… As a matter of fact they had so much fun that they decided to form a band. After the drunkennes was gone the plan was still alive and the band was coming together quickly. In February of '87 in the basement of the Lágymányos Community Centre the ancient Barbaro started rehearsing. Sándor Cziranku - guitar, Sándor Herpai - drums, Miklós Lengyelfi II. - bass, Ökrös Csaba - violin and Tzortzoglou Jorgosz - lead vocal and derbuca. The Band first live gig took place at the Diósgyõr Folk Festival in the summer of '87. The Band's unusual sound was a huge success. The first formation of the group didn't live too long. First Ökrös, then Lengyelfi said good bye to Barbaro. They got replaced by Nikola Parov and Tamás Zsoldos. Barbaro made its first album in 1990 with it's new line-up. The album contained covers of folk songs and it was released on Hungaroton Records. Titled simply: Barbaro I. Barbaro made many successful tour and they even got the opportunity to play outside Hungary such as in Greece, Italy, Sicily, Austria. In 1992 Barbaro started to work on its second album. On this new album they had their own songs and it became obvious that Barbaro found its own more and more progressive sound. Nikola wasn't satisfied with the Band's new direction and sound so he quit the band. Finally in '94 ...

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