Barbarossa Umtrunk

Fascist Esoteric Martial/Neofolk BIOGRAPHY: BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK is a french Military-Ambient band exploring millenarists, metahistoricals & hermetics subjects connected to Inner Nordic Heritage, Anthropogenese and Indo-European Mythos. Texts and concepts are also inspired by Jean Parvulesco, René Guénon, Hermann Hesse, Julius Evola, H.P. Blavatsky and many others figures of Esoterism and Tradition from Hans Hörbiger to Guido Von List. As the brain-child of Baron Von S, the project is active in the post-industrial scene since 2005. The name of the band turn above ..Barbarossa Rex Imperator's messianic & esoterical figure asleep on Kyffhäuser's mountain. Between 2005 and 2006, the official members were Ra Kha, G.C, Maya M & Baron Von S. Then, after the departure of Ra Kha, the band reborn from his ashes as a duo composed by G.C. and Baron Von S. First Barbarossa Umtrunk appearance was 3 songs released for the legendary Scontrum Act V with the first line-up for War Office Propaganda then several songs have been done for compilations. The first Opus called Regnum Sanctum was released on SkullLine at the end of 2008. Some months later a second one called Glazialkosmogonie was done for the same label. During 2009, BU have been allready working on new material with special guests (Suskun, Marc-Louis Questin...), trying to polish & perform his sound and have make two collabor...

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