Barbarous Pomerania

Barbarous Pomerania was formed in 2002 in northern part of Poland - Pomerania. Features Wilczygniew Kurhan of Gontyna Kry and Wilkołak Steel swords and fists of the Slavonic Warriors - 2002 - 2003 Save flame of traditions, treasure of heritage - 2004 Forever faithful of the roots - 2005 Spirit of 300 from Rana - 2008 When thunder was flashing and black birds covered the sky And on the battlefield they’re looking a feast Wolf’s from forest are yelp so greedily On wild plain without trees and rock’s Hordes of Slavonic blood and faith was fight against abominable gang of German crusaders Barbarian warriors without any fear And wicked scum’s of jesus Sword has hit with whistling, axe has hit as well Corpse was fallen again and again, and teeth were guts In eyes ferocity Germans fall completely on field without glory Killingly massacre was destroy Germans Slavonic detachment’s in triumphant glory In silver armour’s Banners or Retra, banners of Arkona island high on the sky Shout from thousand’s throats Triumph of the Pagan Faith Sword of Wened’s are saturate in struggle In blood of crusader‘s drunken till resist Song about that battle are sung by old oak’s And sword’s of Wened’s were sleep into soil For thousand winter’s They have started struggle again Sword’s are calling to heir’s of Slavonic warriors Their want drink blood, killing enemy’s of Slavonic faith! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Com...

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