There are three bands called Barcelona: 1) a currently inactive indie/new wave/pop band from Arlington, Virginia 2) a Seattle-based alternative pop/rock band 3) frantic hardcore punk band from Barcelona, Spain. Debut LP Extremo Nihilismo en Barcelona out on LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS : . The indie electronic band Barcelona (1998-2002): Barcelona was an indie/new wave/pop band from Arlington, Virginia consisting of Jason Korzen, Jennifer Carr, Ivan Ramiscal, and Christian Scanniello. The band addressed geeky themes in many of their songs, such as The Downside of Computer Camp, I Have the Password to Your Shell Account, and Paging System Operator, about a boy who contacts someone in Sweden whom he believes to be an experienced cracker, using a BBS, only to find he is also a thirteen-year-old. 1998: Formation Barcelona was formed in 1998 by Korzen and Carr. The pair recruited Ramiscal and Scanniello and began writing and performing original songs that year. Later that year, the group met producer/engineer Trevor Kampmann (also known as Trevor hollAnd) and began work on their first LP, Simon Basic, which included the single Why Do You Have So Much Fun Without Me? 1999: Simon Basic The band signed to March Records in early 1999 and released Simon Basic on that label in June 1999. In the fall of 1999, they embarked on their first tour, mainly on the East Coast, but also including Chicago. The band performed to indie rock fans at places like MIT. The albu...

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