There are at least two artists with this name: 1) The band started out in 1995. They released their debut cd, 'Hard Jet Super Flash', in 1997. The cd got really great coverage throughout the press. Most of '98 went on with what the do best: partying and supporting AGF (their local football team) + an occasional rehearsal session and a few shows. However, by August '98 gravity of reality made them realize that if this band wanted to make it a bit further than just ok, some adjustments had to be carried out. A real hard decision was to be made. Thus, on their knees, it could turn either way: a total split or a swift recruitment of new blood. A new guitarplayer, Dr. Jay, was found and a new leadsinger, Butch. Butch has added a lot of full throat lungs to the band's approach and obviously; tightness. Early '99: intense rehearsing prior to the recordings of 'Beerserk'. Recordings and mixing took place during February/March '99. In May '99 Barcode played their first big international tour, supporting Madball on their Look My Way European tour. Summer 2000 Barcode Appeared at Germany's prestigious With Full Force Festival, alongside labelmates Disrespect. 2001: Originally, the new album 'Barcode Hardcore' was scheduled for a late 2000/early 2001 release, however, massive bass & drum difficulties forced them to drop touring and songwriting and instead focus on auditioning bass and drum candidates. BUT, the wait was worthwile, 'cuz with new bass player, Snik1, and new drummer, Sn...

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