Bardo State

Bardo State tells the story like you have never heard it before. Their debut album Mariposa beholds a rare synthesis of classical & pop, an exquisite intersection between ambient & opera. Bardo State is a world filled with emotional compositions and passionate arrangements that will appeal to audiences of all cultures & ages. The duo Wijn & Broekhuyse have been associated with classical music since their younger days. Frank Wijn is the son of a famous Dutch concert pianist, Dorian Broekhuyse is a conservatory graduate with a background in dance music. Being raised on musical influences such as Satie, Ravel & Saint Saëns, the Dutch twosome also are inspired by contemporary composers like Arvo Pärt and Philip Glass. Out of a strong need to make classical music more accessible, they founded Bardo State in 2003. As a whole, Mariposa reflects the untouchable space between chill & classical. An atmosphere that delicately fuses soulful melodies with modern electronica, effortlessly crosses hypnotic vocals with acoustic strings. Timeless soundscapes and dreamy epic grooves, the luscious orchestral songs are perfectly complemented by the heavenly voices of Jo Lemaire, Carmen van den Brakel and Kevin Mark Trail. Mariposa is an intense spiritual excursion that is fueled by inspiration & mystery. It is a sound that will transform & inspire the listener for years to come. And the word is out. Numerous compilations & film scores have been leaning heavily on Bardo State. They alread...

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