Bare Egils Coverband

Bare Egils Coverband is the cover band of the infamous Bare Egil Band. They only do coversongs of Bare Egil Band - however - in 2008 - after a long and rigorous discussion between the members of the band they filanny agrred upon playing a cover of Chaos And Disorder. The controversy made Egil leave the Bare Egil Coverband for a short while until he found out he neede the money., After all the life as an artist doesn't pay all that well and he quickly found out he needed every possible penny to keep up the allemoneys to his previous groupies. The website of the coverband highlightet in June this year the summer tour of the cover version of Bare Vr?vl i Egils fanteby, but the tour was cancelled due to a low demand by the public. This lead to a furious descussions on the fan forum website whether there would be more various coversongs besides the usual from Bare Egil Band - given the members financial distress - and should the fans keep buying them to support the members, or just leave them in their own misery. . . Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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