Bare Infinity

Bare Infinity were formed in 2003-4 by Tomas and Christianna (now - Elysion) as a project . The Duo quickly grew in popularity after the recording of their first Demo and soon became a full band . Bare Infinity began playing in shows and festivals around Greece while at the same time composing and recording their debut album. The bands popularity peaked when they were asked to represent Greece at Italys gothic convention in Bologna and also to open for Epica at the bands first ever show in Greece. Later in 2008, before the release of the debut album Always Forever , Bare Infinity parted ways with Christianna , and announced a yeat later Angel as the bands new vocalist who recorded the vocals for the album. Always forever was released in 2009 , receiving great press together with the bands first videoclip for the title track Always forever. In 2011 , Bare infinity released their second studio album , EP the passage that was hailed as one of the years best releases , and later on the band appeared at the MFVF festival in Belgium , as the first Greek band to participate in the 10 years of the Festival. In 2012 , after a great show togethe with Firewind in Athens , Bare Infinity disbanded and put on hold indefinately. In 2014 Tomas announed he would carry on and began rehearsels for a new vocalist . After many months , Tomas announced the bands new singer . Ida Elena from Italy , together a new lineup constiting of Orlok Davis (Guitar - Coma curve) , Simos Lantides (drums) an...

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