Barefoot Confessor

“I'm not a massive fan of anything too recent to be honest. Not saying it's all rubbish, there's good bits and pieces around, I just haven't heard a decent album in it's entirety, apart from the Kings of Leon and Amy Winehouses' second album, for about five years I reckon.” Musically it seems, Michael Shearer, front man and main songwriter of Barefoot Confessor is a hard man to please, and as it turns out, so are the rest of the band. When quizzed about music that they like, it is apparent that they are disillusioned with ‘the current scene’ and the endless array of ‘Indie schmindy bands’ and reference older iconic acts such as The Smiths, The Clash, ‘early Oasis’, The Blockheads, Al Green, and The Beatles ‘as they were pretty much on the National curriculum when we were growing up. There’s more’ says Michael ‘but to name them all would just be silly. My taste in music is pretty scattered, but the one thing I just can't get my head round is dance. Whether it be House, Techno, Garage, Speed Garage or whatever the fuck else they call it, I don't like it. End of.’ It is apparent by this point that Michael is also not one to mince his words. The arrival of Barefoot Confessor is pretty much the ‘usual story’ Michael explains. ‘Three of us started a band in school..Brit pop wannabes… thought I was a thirteen year old Liam Gallagher. I wasn't’. They played a few gigs, (‘under various awful names’) in tennis clubs, scout huts and basically ...

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