Barely Breathing

Barely Breathing is a metal band that is fast becoming a sensation on the South African music scene. This up and coming band has huge plans for the future and seems destined for bigger and better things. The band concentrated on writing music in the early days (2006) before starting to perform live. We do not want to be a cover band. We want to be unique and want to become known and loved for our own music and style, states the band. The band currently boasts a repertoire of many songs, all written by the band members themselves. The music writing process is a collaborative effort although some individual gems do exist. Vocalist Michael Cronje writes all the lyrics. The next step was to record a demo cd. Three of the band’s best songs were recorded by Joe Foster Productions in June of 2006. Since then this demo cd had been used by the band and its representative to promote the band through its unique own music. The band has sold over 500 of these EP’s. Two of the songs, Ignite and Ghost of the Razor, although not recorded at full radio quality, received some radio play on local radio stations. Barely Breathing took part in and won a Battle of the Bands event in August 2006. Barely Breathing recorded a 6 track mini album in July and August 2007 with the help of Jared Gunston of Chromium. This mini album might be the start of great things for Barely Breathing as it attracted the attention of international music company Casket Music. The mini album, Relive the Regret...

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