There are at least four artists with the name Barghest: A black metal band from Louisiana, a one-man indie outfit from New York, a metal band from the Netherlands, and an Irish trad band from California. a) A black metal band from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, bears the name Barghest. The band shares a member with sludge/doom-outfit Thou. Barghest released their debut full length in early 2011. b) Barghest is the solo work of Jesse Ainslie, the son of a blues guitarist and world famous energy healer. Ainslie was one of the founding members of the Trekky Records collective as a member of the first Trekky band, Straight No Chaser. In 2003, he relocated to New York City for school and soon formed Friends Band with Dan Weber and Jeff Bailey. Furthermore, Ainslie became one of the few mainstays in the Castanets touring and recording lineup, serving as Ray Raposa's right-hand-man on vocals and guitar as the band toured the world. Ainslie has also spent time backing Matthew Houck of Phosphorescent both live and in the studio. After contributing vocals and guitar to the newest Castanets record, Mr. Ainslie took a short break from New York to come back to Chapel Hill, his hometown, and work on his own material, under the name Barghest. The sound is a vast collage of the 60s/70s folk-country he was raised on, the improvisational techniques from his jazz guitar background and experiences in the unpredictable Castanets live band, and exploration into guitar drone and noise loops. Live, Ai...

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