Barilari is Rata Blanca's vocalist Adrián Barilari´s solo project. He released a demo called Barilari in 2001, before he managed to get a regular touring line-up in 2003. At this point the band was officially founded (in Buenos Aires, Argentina), and they released both an EP and an album called Barilari. The music is melodic power/heavy metal and the lyrics are in both english and spanish with themes from the world of fantasy. The band is currently assosiated with the label Nems. Current line-up: Adrián Barilari - Vocals (Rata Blanca, Alianza) Gonzalo Ledesma - live guitar Daniel Telis - live guitar (ex-Kamikaze, ex-Mordaz, Daniel Telis Project) Leonardo Palmieri - live keyboards (ex-Humanimal) Jorge Perini - live drums (ex-Renacer) Rubén Yáñez - live bass (ex-Rompecabezas) Discography: Barilari (Demo, 2001) Barilari (EP, 2003) La cosecha del dolor (Single, 2003 ) Barilari (English Version) (Full-length, 2003) Barilari (Full-length, 2003) Barilari En Vivo (DVD, 2006) Canciones Doradas (Full-length, 2007) Guest musicians on first album: Emppu Vuorinen - guitars (Nightwish, Edu Falaschi, ex-Altaria, ex-Darkwoods My Betrothed) Sami Vänskä - bass (ex-Nightwish, Root Remedy, ex-Nattvindens Gråt, ex-Wizzard) Jukka Nevalainen - drums (Nightwish) Jens Johansson - keyboards (Stratovarius, Mastermind, Johansson,The Johansson Brothers, ex-Dio, ex-Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Silver Mountain, guest for Russell Allen's Atomic Soul) Web-page:, http...

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