1) Shoegaze band from Erie, PA 2) Nova Scotian dark hardcore band Barlow. Based out of Halifax. 3)Hey, this is Tom Barlow. My label asked me to write a bio to introduce myself and my new record. They told me to include things like the fact that I won the 2001 MIX 99.9 Songwriting Competition in Toronto; once opened for Pearl Jam; am about to put out my Sony Music Canada debut...but I'd rather defer to the following quotation: To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim Oscar Wilde Instead of a bio, here are a few words about my songs... Cruise Cruise, never check the rearview mirror/ cruise, watch the future getting clearer...With a nametag and a bright blue vest/ they put the handcuffs on your wrist. A teenager driving in his first car with his first love feels equal parts Christopher Columbus and James Bond. Ten years later, check in with him at his McJob and he'll feel equalparts Hurricane Carter and the Count of Monte Cristo. Walk Away Doesn't matter that you're lying in the gutter/ It doesn't matter that your brain's all cluttered/ It doesn't matter that you're covered in scars/ You're never in the gutter with your eyes on the stars. There are millions of remarkable dramas happening around us at every second. Of these tales, the ones I find most interesting are those of overwhelming events that occur in an instant and irrevocably alter a person's life. These types of stories, and a liberal dose of Oscar Wilde plagiarism, are what shaped this song. Billi...

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