Barnaby Bright

Barnaby Bright are Nathan and Rebecca Bliss from Brooklyn, New York. When Nathan and Rebecca Bliss began work on their first full-length album, Wake the Hero, they hoped it would be the kind of record that would reach its listeners in a direct and honest way...that it would speak to the heart, not the head. The music of Barnaby Bright is meant for pondering, meant for stillness...meant for listening. Their story is an unlikely one, and has been compared to the likes of fairy tales and trite romance novels that everyone knows can't happen in real life...usually. He was a Berklee College of Music graduate, with a degree in Jazz Composition and Saxophone Performance. She was a classically trained Opera singer, 13 years his junior, living thousands of miles away. But when fate placed them both amid the green planes of Kansas in 2004, their connection, both emotionally and musically, was immediately evident. It seemed impossible that two people with such different musical backgrounds could meet in the middle, but as they began to play music together and fall in love, they discovered that they shared a common yearning to dig deeper into the musical spectrum. They were attracted by simple folk melodies and progressions, beautiful string arrangements and meaningful, heartfelt lyrics that connected its listeners to the world and the universe in ways they had forgotten were possible. In a strange twist however, complications arose which prevented them from being together. Rebecca fl...

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