David Barnes (Barnz) is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and recording musician. His recent work combines acoustic instruments (hammer dulcimer, viola, acoustic guitar, drums, cowbells, hub caps, casserole dishes etc.) with electric guitar, Rhodes piano, Hammond organ and a wide range of sampled sounds. David strives to create ambient/experimental music that can both be played in the background while getting work done, or listened to with headphones for a more intense musical experience. In the early 90's Barnes was probably best known as the front man/ founding member of the Philadelphia rock band Puncture Project. But he was also the driving force behind several experimental groups including Bastard Finders, The Echo Chamber Ensemble and Post. His most recent collaboration is a duo called Minus 103 with Steve Coxe. Minus 103 has just released their first self-titled album, which will soon be available through iTunes and Amazon, and can be heard on, and several college radio stations around the country. Many of Barnes' solo works and collaborations can be heard on: and can be downloaded for free at: Complete Barnz discography: Metrognome - 1988 (with the band Metrognome) Puncture Project - 1988 More is Better - 1989 Puncture Project - 1989 (with the band Puncture Project) So much for sparse - 1990 Bastard Finders - 1990 (with the group Bastard Finders) Like Medusa - 1990 (with the b...

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