Barodarho is an influental primitiv industrial (very analog sounding)/ pain performance formation based in Riga, Latvia. In Persian the name Barodarho means blood brothers. And project's line-up consist of two brothers - the younger one Cucmex is responsible for the creation of music, and the elder brother Zyrnys - is the performer, lyricist and vocalist, and mostly seen as the frontman. As [+] and [-] come together there is the electricity of each other translation and (mis)uderstanding. The things, which happen during the performances of Barodarho, are not easy to describe, - this is the ecstasy of inner freedom, breaking of all taboos, and real shock for the audience. The basic idea is - to feel inner pain free, for that is the dimension where the master is you. Barodarho was formed in 2000, and in the spring of the next year they released their first album Aarpuss - a wicked and intense lo-fi audio journey, dealing with lyrical subjects of physical and mental pain, oppression, life's bitterness, overlayed on structures of lo-fi industrial rhythmic noise. Their latest work Triumvir?ts is a homage to the first Latvian poet started writing about lifes misery - Eduards Veidenbaums, and includes some lyrical extractions from his poems. It is a collection of music recorded both live and in studio during the 6 years 6 months and 6 days since Aarpuss and it can be easily called the highest and most describing point of their musical activity. The CD also includes a video for ...

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