There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Brendan Fowler (born 24 March in Berkeley, California) is a musician, best known for his work under the moniker BARR, based in Los Angeles. 2) Barr is a folk/pop six-piece band from Stockholm (Sweden). They released their debut EP in 2007 followed by the album titled Skogsbo is the Place during 2008. Band's Myspace site. 3) Barr is an R&B artist from Harlem ( NYC ) and he released his 1st mixtape called BarrCode Vol. 1 with chillin tracks like Nasty Sounds or I Cant See It . 1) Brendan Fowler is a regular performer at The Smell, a DIY music venue. He also co-runs Doggpony Records and is a co-editor of ANP (Artist Network Program) Quarterly - a Los Angeles based arts and culture publication funded by RVCA. He has recently played at the seminal New York performance space, The Kitchen, and has been featured in Artforum Magazine. In 2006 Fowler curated a show at David Kordansky gallery in Los Angeles. New England Roses, a band consisting of Fowler, Sarah Shapiro, and Le Tigre's JD Samson, released their debut, Face Time With Son, in 2005. His new electronic-folk-pop band, Car Clutch, had their debut performance in fall of 2006. BARR, which originally consisted of only Brendan Fowler and his iPod, toured with Snowsuit* and Hawnay Troof in 2005 and Xiu Xiu in 2006. After releasing Summary in 2007, Fowler formed a full band with bassist Corey Dieckman, pianist Ethan Swan, and Kevin Shea of Storms And Stress on drums, tourin...

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