Barren Cross

Legends of Christian Rock; Barren Cross stage a return after 14 years of silence. After a successful history of six great selling albums they have returned to the studio to record new music, with a new singer and a contagious renewed passion. New Singer Dean Kohn studied for two years under renowned vocal teacher, Elizabeth Sabine, who has trained many Hollywood artists such as Don Barnes of .38 Special, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth and Michael Sweet of Stryper. Dean first broke on a large scale in 1988, singing full-time for the underground metal band ATTAKK, which had a huge cult following. Dean would move on to practice and enter pre-production record with Japanese metal band Loudness for their CD, Soldiers of Fortune, though they replaced him. By 1989, Dean was full time in a metal band called Malice, known for their time touring with Slayer. Dean, as many victims of the time and scene fell to drugs and alcohol and left the band and music. Dean announced his coming to Christianity in 1991, but remained under the radar onto now. Original lead singer Michael Lee has moved on and pursued his solo music project as Barren Cross reunites with new music and a passionate new singer. In 2008 they announced a successful short-term reunion with a few international reunion concerts. Now they have followed that up and announced their return to the studio with new music. Barren Cross was known for their bold and unwavering outspoken voices on justice and political issues thats wer...

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