There are 6 bands under this name: 1. A French experimental/free-jazz band consisting of François Billard (vocal, harmonica), Mario Branlo(vocal, saxophone, clarinette basse), Charly Bidineux (saxophones clarinette basse), Brigitte Choupette (guitatre basse), Chris de Foy (guitare), Cyrille Bibounet (claviers), Fanfan belles cuisses (claviers), Fernand le salé darlès (drums), Francis Baron des grottes (guitare), Frankie Di Lagio (basse electrique),Fred le vicomte électrique (guitare), Gilbert Sulma Pontoise (drums), Marce of Mémé Flippée (guitare), Gato Montauban (vocal), Harvey Neneux (guitare), Papé l' écrivain (clavier), Pépée Minègue (vocal), Joseph Racaille (clavier), Roquet Belles Oreilles (basse électrique), Armand Talot Man (saxophone, clarinette basse), Thierry dit Kühl le clown (drums), Tonton (trompette), the first expanded form of what would later be ZNR. Recorded between 1969-1974. 2. Japanese hardcore band 3. A uniquely-styled and Panic-esque NW hardcore band based in Tacoma, WA who released a demo in 2004 and an EP named The Weathered in 2005 on Panic Records. They played their last show May 2006. 4. Pennsylvania hardcore band on Eulogy Records. 5.Czech hardcore band Barricade started near by town of Kromeriz in 1989. After rather chaotic beginnings, Barricade - in those times named Barricada - began to struggle slowly affected with american hardcore music of bands like Mucky Pup, S.O.D. and, later on, some crossover music style. There were m...

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