1. Barricades is a Pop/Rock band that formed in 2008 in Braintree, MA. They released their debut EP Strong Foundations in 2010 and are actively playing shows in the Boston Area. Barricades is Chris Norton - Guitar/Vocals, Jared Walsh - Guitar/Vocals, Justin Lutz - Bass, and Dan Norton - Drums. Chris, Jared, and Dan started playing together in the summer of 2008 with their friend Norm on bass. The foursome had been friends for years, and decided it was time to put something together. Norm then moved to Korea at the end of 2008, which led to a few shows with interim bassists until Justin stepped in. In August of 2009, they began recording their debut EP Strong Foundations which was completed in January of 2010. 2. Barricades was founded in early spring of 2002. A couple of years and band members has gone and the vision is stronger now than ever before. We have all moved to Aarhus and we are practising weekly in our home made practice room. In March 2005 we released our first cd -a five-track EP, and we are proud of the result. The EP has opened doors for us when it comes to press coverage and getting shows. We are currently working on new material for our debut album, and the standard and ambitions are raised to a new level since our EP. We all believe in God, and our music reflects our faith and life. 3. Barricades are a UK Sludge/Post-Metal band formed in 2011 in Leeds, Yorkshire by guitarist/vocalist Jay Johnson and guitarist/vocalist Joel Crosland. After some member ...

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