Jordan Roche, AKA Barron, was a 19 year-old dubstep producer from Baltimore, Maryland. Beginning his music career in 2012, Barron was one of the first artists to be signed to Firepower Records, Datsik's brand new label at the time. His debut EP, Warborn, grabbed a lot of attention in the music scene. Roche's unforgiving, dark style was addicting to many dubstep fans. Barron released four more albums and two singles in 2012, which is quite a lot for a year. Some of the more prominent ones include The Decapitator EP and Decimation EP. Roche also tortured crowds during the Firepower Reloaded tour in 2012, tagging along with AFK, Hizzleguy, Datsik, and upcoming artist Rekoil. Barron was quite the producer, and 2013 was an even better year for this Baltimore god. The March single No Escape, arguably one of his best releases, was dropped on Ultragore. Later that year, Barron put down another EP on Firepower with Heated. By now, everyone was looking at Roche and most were surprised at how quickly he could supply bangers to the bass community. Famous producers such as Getter, Flux Pavilion, 12th Planet, Excision and Skrillex were playing his tunes in front of thousands of people. Barron celebrated another amazing year as a part of the Firepower Records crew and played live during the 2013 Firepower Most Wanted Tour. 2014 saw Barron putting out several huge tunes on his EP Troublemaker in March on Firepower. After this album, Roche began working with riddim dubstep producers, as thi...

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