Barron S

Barron S started her singing career in the kitchen of a basement suite; recording vocals through a cut up pair of pantyhose into a $30 dollar microphone. Born and raised on the East Coast of Canada Barron always knew that she wanted to perform, however she first followed this passion by studying dance. She enrolled in intensive training programs and it wasn’t long before she was advanced placed in Simon Fraser University’s acclaimed contemporary dance program. Just as Barron felt her path was carved out and she was ready to take her skills to the next level, tragedy struck as she was hit in a high velocity car accident. Suddenly lost, having been thrown from her path of performing she was forced to reevaluate everything in her life and try to find herself again. Being driven and hard working Barron began a soul-searching journey leading her to explore other ways of expressing herself.  “Not being able to dance was like being a painter and having your paints taken away, when I started singing and writing music I felt like someone had given me my colors back” Her struggles pushed her to find her true calling and she soon released her first album, appropriately titled “Starting from Scratch” (2008). Barron S has a matchless pop sound, which has been described as a modern, electronic version of the Cranberries crossed with Fiest. Though her debut ablum crosses genres, her signature sound remains a funky fusion of dance and rock. Her frist album “Starting from Scr...

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