The Trio Adam Jamie Tom Barrule is an exciting new trio hailing from the smallest of Celtic countries, the Isle of Man. Named after the famous hill where it is said the ancient Celtic God Manannan mac Lir once dwelled in his mighty fortress, Barrule is a mission undertaken by three musicians to take the unique sound of traditional Manx music to the wider world, where it remains largely undiscovered. Until now. Barrule comprises of three distinct musical forces in gifted nineteen-year-old fiddler Tomas Callister, accordionist Jamie Smith (of Mabon), and accompanist Adam Rhodes on bouzouki (also of Mabon and Manx group King Chiaullee), who together form a versatile acoustic unit with a powerful, sometimes epic, sound. With bold but sensitive arrangements, the trio presents a fresh take on the folk music of the Isle of Man, exploring a diverse collection of material from rousing marches and jigs to sorrowful slow airs and beautiful songs sung in the Manx Gaelic language. While sharing common ground with its Celtic cousins, as well as the English tradition, Manx music has retained its own special identity , evoking a sound and atmosphere steeped in the natural beauty of the island and the lives of its inhabitants. The trio is off to a flying start in their first year, with a debut album already in production and prominent festival appearances this summer including Festival Interceltique de Lorient, Brittany and Yn Chruinnaght festival in the Isle of Man, supporting Scottish gr...

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