Barry Gordon

The colorful and varied career of performer Barry Gordon has traversed the arenas of television, film, stage, music, radio, video games, even politics. Born in Massachusetts in 1948, Gordon first appeared on the small screen at the tender age of three. A handful of television appearances later, MGM Records picked him to record the novelty tune Nuttin' for Christmas, written for MGM by Bennett & Tepper, the songwriting team behind several of Elvis Presley's early movies. The recording became a Billboard Top 10 hit during the 1955 holiday season and sold more than 2 million copies. Follow-up efforts in the music studio never met with equal success, but Gordon nonetheless was able to parlay his initial fame into scattered film and television appearances, turning up on popular shows of the day such as Leave It to Beaver and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. He also tried the stage, and in 1963 his work in the Broadway play A Thousand Clowns earned the 15-year-old Gordon a Tony Award nomination as best dramatic actor. Barry continued his small screen work over the next few decades, and throughout the 1970s and '80s he racked up a string of guest appearances on numerous tv-films and series. He also gained prominent vocal recognition in children's circles, first for his voice work in commercial campaigns (both as Nestlé Quik's Rabbit and as Honey Nut Cheerios breakfast cereal’s Bumblebee) and then for cartoon shows like “The Snorks,” “Darkwing Duck,” and “Batman: The Ani...

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